Thursday, October 25, 2018

Ishqbaaz Spoiler Alert: Shivaay becomes Old SSO again, Anika shocked

Ishqbaaz Spoiler Alert: Shivaay becomes Old SSO again, Anika shocked. Star Plus Ishqbaaz latest news, Ishqbaaaz upcoming twists Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Ishqbaaz serial on Star Plus. Shivaay makes a new start after finding out his company’s bad state. He gets to know that nobody wants to work with his brothers Omkara and Rudra.

Everyone wants Shivaay back in the company. Shivaay changes himself and gets rid of his trauma. He gets his old confidence and courage back. He tells Omkara and Rudra that he feels he should take the company control in his hands again.

Shivaay becomes the old Shivay once again. He gets dressed up and meets the clients. He wants to get big deals for the company. He wants to keep their personal issues aside. He tells them that he will run the company their way. Shivaay tells them that he has kept a board meeting, he will now lead the company and he has to declare to everyone that he is back.

This shocks Anika. She can’t believe that he has suddenly changed without any reason. Apparently, Shivaay  overhears his brothers’ problems and decides to help him. Anika gets tensed and wonders the reason behind his change. She feels something is fishy. She tells Gauri and Bhavya that something is definitely wrong, how can someone change overnight. She feels Shivaay is hiding something from her.

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