Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ishqbaaz Spoiler Alert: Omkara and Rudra humiliate Shivaay in office

Ishqbaaz Spoiler Alert: Omkara and Rudra humiliate Shivaay in office - Star Plus Ishqbaaz latest news , Ishqbaaaz upcoming twists Heres’ what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Ishqbaaz! Anika makes Shivaay to join office again.

The staff gets happy seeing Shivaay back in office and click pictures of him. However, Shivaay faces humiliation from Omkara and Rudra again.

Omkara and Rudra take out their anger on Shivaay and call him a fraud who took over their shares by cheat and also killed their father. Rudra doesn’t let Shivaay take his place in Oberoi company.

Anika tries to make tem understand that Shivay has come to the company for its betterment. Rudra scolds Shivaay for always seeing his own benefit.

Anika akes a stand to get Shivay his rights in the company. Omkara tells Shivaay to just sign on the papers and leave. Shivaay agrees to sign on legal documents and leave but Anika stops him. She wants him to head the company like before as she is aware that just his work can bring back Shivaay’s lost confidence. Anika tells them Om and Rudra they will need Shivaay with them, as Shivay is also a share holder in the company. She forces them to let Shivay attend meetings.

Shivaay decides to walk out of the office but Anika stops Shivay and doesn’t let him leave his rights so easily. He  tells her that his brothers’ hatred is breaking him down and he has lost all his strength. Omkara and Rudra get helpless to allow Shivaay in the company, but are determined to keep insulting him so that he leaves on his own.

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