Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Ishq Subhan Allah Spoiler : New entry of Zara’s psycho lover

Ishq Subhan Allah Spoiler : New entry of Zara’s psycho lover. Zee TV Ishq Subhan Allah latest news, Ishq Subhan Allah upcoming twists Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Ishq Subhan Allah.

It is seen that Ruksar is in coma state and Kabir (Adnan Khan) is trying hard to bring her out of coma. Ruksar didn’t like Zara. He does a drama and fights with Zara (Eisha Singh), so that Ruksar reacts. He tells Zara that he will choose Ruksar over her. Zara gets upset with him and asks him to throw Ruksar out of the house. Kabir and Zara argue a lot.

Zara takes out anger on Zeenat as well. Kabir tries to capture Ruksar’s truth in the CCTV footage. Kabir and Zara spot Ruksar blinking. They get Ruksar back in the house.

Kabir makes a plan to expose Ruksar’s truth. He finds his mother worrying a lot. He takes his mother outside the house and tells her about Zara and his planning. Zara tells about the CCTV camera fixed, which has captured Ruksar’s truth while they were busy arguing.

Kabir’s mother gets happy and hopes Kabeer succeeds in his aim. Later, Kabir informs the family that he is throwing a reception party for Ruksar. He is certain that Ruksar’s drama will come to an end.

Kabir and Zara face new problems when Zara’s psycho lovers enters the family. Kabir and Zara watch the CCTV footage. They see a man (new entry of a character) staring at Zara by hiding in darkness. Zara gets worried seeing the footage. Kabir wants to get proofs against Ruksar. The new villain will be planted by Ruksar. Kabir and Zara have to protect their lovely relationship.

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